What about unplugging?

Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash

Obviously, nowadays people heavily rely on digital technologies. Especially during this pandemic, the application of digital technologies has become the only way to maintain our normal life. Despite digital technologies truly have brought our life to a new level, we have to admit that they are a double-edged sword as well. Personally, I do have some concerns about my reliance on digital technologies. For example, I’m bringing 3 smartphones with me every day because I want to separate my personal life and work, which is reasonable. However, this somehow has increased my time to spend on using smartphones, which means this has dragged my attention more to online. The stress of being overly connected online definitely exists because people could easily find you via the internet, and I have to think a lot about whether I should reply to them, or not.

The environment I’m currently in and the situation I face at this moment would not allow me to “unplug” totally, but I definitely start to put more of my attention into the physical world instead of online. I start to meet with my friends in coffee bars instead of making a video call to them and drive to ship the products that clients ordered from my company. Honestly, I would say to spend some time going out is quite much more comfortable than staying at home or in the office to sit in front of the computer. So, overall, I believe the best way to decrease the negative distractions that digital technologies may bring to us is to remind ourselves all the time that it is people who use digital technologies, not digital technologies that dominate people. Everything has its maximum, such as drinking alcohol, a couple of shots may let you feel happy and relax, and even improve sleep, but if too many, the only result is our body would be harmed.



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